NEO Floor Cleaning Robot

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NEO Floor Cleaning Robot

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Meet NEO, a world-class autonomous floor scrubbing robot for medium to large commercial spaces, such as airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, schools, warehouses, etc. By automating the tedious floor cleaning process, your employees are freed to focus on higher-value work, raising overall productivity. Come experience a higher and more consistent quality of clean with NEO, supported by a full suite of real-time monitoring and reporting tools that works round the clock to keep you right on top of things.


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What Makes NEO So Intelligent?

Neo is the future of floor cleaning – a technologically advanced robot purpose-built from the ground up, that optimizes any cleaning operation with best-in-class functions and maximum productivity.

  • Purpose-built: Neo is purpose-built for autonomous floor cleaning. It integrates state-of-the-art sensor technologies (LIDAR, 3D cameras) with smart AI navigation, cloud-based software and innovative product design to create a best-performing robot.
  • Maximum Productivity: Neo features a robust construction that is built to last. It navigates within 5-cm accuracy and cleans up to 1.35m/sec. Inventive product design equates to the largest water tank capacities, and a battery configuration that maximizes run times up to 6 hours.
  • Easy To Use: NEO’s simple setup and intuitive operator interface make it ready to run without the need for special training. After a simple facility mapping, cleaning plans are generated and NEO is good to clean in just a few clicks!
  • Safe To Operate: Neo is designed with safety as a priority. Industry-leading safety features include collision avoidance technology, protective bumpers, multiple emergency-stop buttons, beacon and signaling lights, as well as a low 72-dB noise rating.
  • Comprehensive Service & Support: With 24/7/365 monitoring and assistance, NEO is able to quickly detect when problems arise, streamlining troubleshooting and minimizing costly downtime.
  • All-Purpose Command Centre:
    • NEO’s proprietary web portal provides monitoring, reporting and analytics to manage one robot or an entire fleet with ease, from anywhere in the world.
    • Providing real-time and historical visibility into cleaning operations increases transparency and informs productivity insights.
    • Since facility cleaning needs can change, NEO allows for flexible customization of cleaning plans to ensure the best cleaning possible in all areas at all times.
    • Detailed reports include sector-level coverage maps and precision metrics such as area cleaned, productivity, run time, water usage, maintenance, and other diagnostics.
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What Can NEO Do For You? 

A combination of best-in-class technology, innovative product design and comprehensive support translates into compelling benefits for you.

  • Boost Productivity: Best-in-class navigation, large water tank capacities and long run times result in unsurpassed floor cleaning productivity.
  • Increase Profitability: NEO frees your cleaning crew to focus on other value-added higher-margin tasks, yet gives you a more powerful and wider-coverage cleaning without the need for more resources.
  • Higher Cleanliness & Hygiene Standards: NEO offers a higher and more consistent quality of clean 24/7/365, and is perfectly compatible with diverse disinfectants. So besides clean germ-free floors, NEO’s add-on disinfectant spray works to keep high touch points properly sanitized too.
  • Ensure Operational Safety:  Assimilating cutting-edge technologies from Wi-Fi, GPS, lasers to 3D sensors to accurately navigate around people and things, NEO’s obstacle avoidance capability ensures a safe worry-free deployment.  
  • Support Your Workforce: By handling repetitive and tedious cleaning chores, Neo reduces fatigue, errors and injuries for your workforce, while creating opportunities to enhance job satisfaction.
  • Protect Vulnerable Employees: In the light of global health challenges, let NEO lower the risk of cleaning virus-infected floors and high touch surfaces for your vulnerable (eg elderly) cleaning crew.
  • Improve Transparency & Accountability: Easily access the advanced analytics and reporting that come with NEO to make your cleaning operation more transparent, accountable and efficient.
  • Raise Customer Satisfaction: Customers will be impressed with the consistent and enhanced cleaning service, along with greater visibility into operations.
  • Enhance Your Corporate Image: NEO keeps your business on the cutting edge of technology. By highlighting your organization’s progressive outlook and commitment to innovation, everyone will know that you are an industry leader.



NEO Delivers High ROI In Many Spaces

Airports & Transport Hubs. Retail & Shopping Centres. Educational Institutions. Healthcare Facilities. Warehousing & Logistics.
Manufacturing. Convention & Exhibition Centres. Hotel & Hospitality Venues.


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Seeing Is Believing.

Book a demo and discover how NEO is so much more than your average cleaning robot.

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NEO & SAO – Team Synergy In Facility Cleaning


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