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Globotix brings smart technologies in its many innovative forms to all levels of industry. Uniting an enterprising spirit with an astute vision, our specialist team is dedicated to providing robotic and hi-tech solutions that deliver real-world results in an ever demanding business environment. With our line-up of intelligent machines, the game-changing benefits of advanced technical automation have never been more accessible.

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Autonomous Floor Scrubbing Robot


Basically plug and play, Neo frees your cleaning staff of the repetitive and laborious task of floor scrubbing to concentrate on other things.It gives a higher and more consistent quality of clean, and is equipped with real-time monitoring and reporting tools to keep you right on top of things



Our in-house specialist will help to evaluate your cleaning operation, recommend suitable grants and guide you step by step in the application process.


Acquiring our robot is a breeze, whether you opt to buy or lease.

Thinking of buying? With more available government incentives for technological adoptions, what better time than now to make your hi-tech purchase? Look forward to greater cost savings and shorter lead times in your hassle-free purchase experience with us.

Thinking of leasing? New to our line-up of services is a leasing option that we are offering. Rent our robots for a period of time at affordable monthly rates. Naturally, terms and conditions apply. Whatever your financial considerations, come talk to us.


Enjoy a worry-free robot deployment, with either our comprehensive or non-comprehensive maintenance package. The supreme quality standards and comprehensive expertise of our engineers and technicans will keep your robots in peak working condition. Simply select the maintenance package that best covers your business needs.


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An automated robotic cleaner travels along the T4 departure hall.

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Cute robot “housekeepers” and self-service kiosks are some of the new features passengers can look forward to in Changi’s new T4.

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Business Traveller Coverage

Travellers can be on the lookout for the automated cleaning bots that patrol the terminal.

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